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MRC supports the International Union of Architects statement of solidarity with Ukraine

Our team

Noor Kassam ARB

Architectural Consultant
Photograph by Vibeke Dahl

Noor joined the MRC team in May 2022. As Architectural Consultant, her responsibilities include researching and drafting design briefs; analysing architectural information; preparing architectural visuals; and liaising with clients, stakeholders and competitors.

Before arriving at MRC, Noor worked at LAB Architects, where she led several high-end residential projects across London. In this role, she also took on the challenge of mentoring junior architects and students. Previously, Noor worked for Heatherwick Studio where she was part of a team developing significant cultural and commercial projects in the UK and abroad, including Singapore’s Changi Airport.

Noor has a passion for architectural design that evokes emotional connections, and likes to work at the intersection of multiple disciplines, challenging the boundaries of design, art and literature and testing new ideas in unconventional ways.

In her spare time, Noor enjoys writing and reading, particularly within the fields of art history, philosophy and psychology. She also likes visiting museums and art exhibitions, and has previously volunteered at the London Design Biennale.

Noor has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Spatial Design from London Metropolitan University, a Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Design from the University of Greenwich, and a professional practice ARB qualification from the Architectural Association in London.