What’s an ‘open’ compared with an ‘invited’ competition?

In an open competition, anyone is invited to enter and all submissions are assessed together.

This kind of competition has fallen out of favour for complex buildings, mainly because so many projects have failed to get built or end up being far too expensive. It is still quite a useful way to establish ‘ideas’ for a site or building and for engaging younger architects. 

An invited – or two-stage- competition starts with a wide trawl for interest to establish a shortlist of five or six teams. In this way, basic competence and compatibility can be used to filter those unable or inappropriate to fulfil the competition, whilst letting real quality float to the surface. Our expertise in this selection can help you find the right spectrum of competitors to make up the shortlist. Most architects prefer the two-stage process because it limits the effort they need to make initially, and raises the odds of a win should they get onto the shortlist. 

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