New client advice

We have travelled alongside many clients on these journeys and picked up certain lessons along the way, which we pass on here as our seven Rules of Thumb.

  1. Rule 1.
    Understand Success

    A building is a means to an end, not the end itself.

  2. Rule 2.
    See your whole project

    There’s more to a building project than just the building part.

  3. Rule 3.
    Manage your whole stakeholder network

    Stakeholder management is critical.

  4. Rule 4.
    Manage the biggest risks first

    Because construction is the most visible part of the process, people tend to assume it is the area of highest risk.

  5. Rule 5.
    Procurement is about people

    The public sector usually sees procurement as a selection process carried out by a procurement officer ‘according to the rules’.

  6. Rule 6.
    Find the hidden costs

    The physical building and its services may account for two-thirds or less of the total project costs.

  7. Rule 7.
    Good design starts with good conversation

    The client’s conversation with the design team begins with the brief.