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The new £36.5m Sammy Ofer Wing, which opened in summer 2011, transformed the Grade I listed Museum by creating a unique visitor experience and providing world class maritime research facilities.

The largest development in the Museum’s history, it was a first step in its long-term strategy of creating a more coherent narrative and integrating the different elements of the World Heritage Site. Indeed, the Museum now comes under the aegis of the Royal Museums Greenwich, which also includes the Queen’s House and the Royal Observatory.

As client representative, we advised the Museum on their overall project strategy, as well as, managing the construction and delivery of the building. Crucially, we organised the strategy to secure all of the statutory permissions and managed the delivery of these with no objections to the formal submissions – an almost unique experience for a major contemporary building in a sensitive heritage context.

We helped build the internal team in the Museum, and advised on risk and value management throughout the project, including liaison with the specialist exhibition, fit-out and security teams managed directly by the Museum.

The key for the Museum was the integrated service that MRC was able to provide from strategy through to delivery and operational hand-over. We reported at Director and Trustee level at all stages, providing troubleshooting and audit support when necessary. A significant success was the early re-structuring of the overall programme to significantly reduce contractor procurement which resulted in a handover almost a year ahead of schedule.