Project rescue, troubleshooting & monitoring

Projects occasionally go wrong and clients need an independent analysis of the reasons, or action taken to restore order. We provide this. Our financial and organisational independence means we rarely have any conflict of interest. 

The team’s professional background, and our experience of running projects from initial business case to operational readiness, gives us a rare insight.

We are able to evaluate internal and external influences on projects and we understand the process of delivery. This enables us to gather client and consultant viewpoints of project setbacks. We use this ability to see things from different perspectives to provide holistic resolutions, instead of just pointing the finger.

We have built up a reputation for effective project reviews, project evaluations, audit and troubleshooting. Our service is discreet, specialized and private.  

Our normal project process includes specific approval points or gateways, and we have carried out reviews under the UK Government project appraisal system, Gateway Review™.  We have also provided specific reviews in overseas locations, some in difficult or secure environments.

We do not provide case studies of our work in this field, partly because each commission is unique but mainly because our clients expect a high level of confidentiality.