The creativity of somewhat-eased-lockdown — new poem: Office, retrospective

MRC’s Creative Director, Catherine Reading aka Catherine Ormell, writes for
The Spectator

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As September approaches, it feels again, like something is imminent. September has the time-stamp quality of back-to-school (we hope), back to post-holiday seriousness, back to business. And in this pandemic year, September seems like a particular marker, a windsock by the year’s roadside. Perhaps our context and our freedoms will change? Or perhaps stay the same, and we will look to January 2021 as the next watershed.

Still, while the world is up in the air, we should take notes; we should improvise! In this spirit, MRC’s Creative Director, Catherine Reading, also known as the poet Catherine Ormell, has a follow-up to her earlier lockdown poem, In Absentia.

The new poem, out in this week’s Spectator magazine, is Office, retrospective.

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As American poet Robert Lowell famously said ‘Poetry is not the record of an event: it is an event’, so we’d like to reassure MRC loyalists that we will continue with a blend of working from the office with WFH. We are most grateful to our clients for their support and for commissioning work to keep us busy in the coming months.

By kind permission of the Spectator, Office, retrospective is reproduced below:

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